Sunday, January 22, 2012

For Wall Art that Wows, Think Outside the Frame!

Get your photos off the camera and onto your wall with PicZillas
removable wall graph #Ad

Office Max 1/22-1/28

Some pretty good deals at Office Max this week if you do their MaxPerks rewards! Here are the dealios:

Weekly Ad 1/22-1/28

Penny deals

Case paper 41.99, Maxperks 41.98  SKU 2140-3152 TOTAL .01 (Limit 2)

Multipurpose Ream Paper, 500 sheets 6.99, Maxperk 6.98 SKU 2015-7465 TOTAL .01

Sharpie Fine Point 12 pack 8.29, Maxperks 8.28 SKU 1000-0722 TOTAL .01 (Limit 1)

Avery Laser Labels 26.99, Maxperks 26.98 SKU 0700-1497, 5160-3000 TOTAL .01 (Limit 1)

Oh how I love being a mom...

I'm beginning to think this blog will be a mix of mommy-hood and savings and deals that I find in my travels.  This particular post is about the joys of mommy hood.  As you may have read in my first post, we have a 4 1/2 month old and a 2 1/2 year old.  They're both the most obnoxious blessings I could ever hope to have.  This has been a challenging weekend for the baby.  She's had a bit of an upset tummy, which isn't a big deal in itself, poopy diapers are nothing to this old pro!  What I DO mind is that she has this magic ability to not get any of the poo IN her diaper. Yea, figure that mess out.  Somehow she shoots it in a straight line right up her back. As you can imagine this is a bit of a mess.  So much of a mess, in fact, that last night my husband just asked for a pair of scissors.  We weren't even gonna try to get the onesie off OVER her head. She'd only been out of the bathtub for 10 minutes, I was NOT dealing with poopy hair.
   So here it is, Sunday morning and she's still full of an upset tummy and we're staying home from church :/  If nothing else, this means I get to harass you all with exciting blog posts today!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Old Navy deals!

There are a few great chances to save at Old Navy today!  If you use SwagBucks there is an offer for 250 (that's more than half of a 5$ Amazon Gift Card!) Bucks when you shop online, along with a 30% off savings code NEWYOU so hurry and get there now!

If you're not yet a Swagger, learn all about it right here

If you'd rather shop through Ebates you can get 2% cash back on your order and STILL use the code NEWYOU

Not an online shopper? That's OK too! Head over to Old Navy's Facebook page for a printable coupon for 10$ off a 50$ purchase.

What great deals are you finding today?

FREE toys from Target!

You can get two free toys from Target this week!  Snag two free toys at Target with the new Hasbro coupons.
Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime 90 Piece $7.99
     8$ printable
Hungry Hungry Hippos Travel Set $4.99
   5$ printable

Eos Lipbalm deal at Target!

Target has a 4 pack of eos Lipbalm on sale today for 6.99! Great deal for this awesome product!  Use coupon code TGTHTT5Z to get another 10% off bringing your total to 6.29 SHIPPED! Make sure you shop through SwagBucks Shop&Earn to get 2 points for every dollar spent as well!  

Find this great deal here


Have you signed up for Irazoo yet? No?! Now is the time to do it!  This will get you to the sign up page  and from there you can explore all your earning options.  There are many easy and fun ways to earn on Irazoo such as searching (generally you can win every 2 hours), watching videos, filling out offers, taking surveys, and finding codes.  Cash out is 3,000 points which is relatively easy to get to and there is not limit to how many times you can cash out! This site is similar to SwagBucks which you can learn all about here: Swag Blog Irazoo also offers many codes to help boost your points which I absolutely love about them!

Dr. Oz Giveaway!

Today, January 19th at 3pm EST Dr. Oz is doing a giveaway!  First 1,000 may win a Mastrad's Topchips The Chips Maker!!  Sign up Here  when the time comes!  For full info on this Go here  Good luck everyone! :)

Farm Fresh Weekend Freebie

This weekend, January 20-22 Farm Fresh is offering a free package of bagel to their Facebook followers.  You can find their page here:  Farm Fresh Go get your bagels!!

Swag Bucks

So I promised to show how to make money online. Before we start, I must issue a word of warning. You're not going to get rich with your butt on the couch. If that's what you're looking for, I must sadly tell you to use that little red "X" in the upper right corner of your screen.  I just can't help you.  But, if you want to learn how to make a little extra money when the kids are napping, or your dog decided to leave you alone for 10 minutes, stick with me! I can usually pull off anywhere from 20$ to 400$ in a month depending on how hard I work at it and how much I can get the kids to sleep :)

The first and most fun site I earn on is SwagBucks.  First thing you have to do is sign up, which you can do here:  Sign Up  There are a TON of ways to earn here.  The most common way, and what the site is centered around is searching.  Generally you can expect to get 2-5 search wins in a day. Don't constantly search, just replace any searching you do on say, Google, with the SwagBucks search engine.  Some of the other ways to earn are filling out special offers, taking surveys, doing tasks, playing games, or even printing and using coupons!    With SB you can cash out for a 5$ Amazon Gift Card for just 450 points!

After signing up, I would highly recommend reading the newbie guide to SwagBucks. It was created by veteran "Swaggers" and will be an excellent resource to you as you begin your journey Swagging101

It's a great way to earn a little extra money every month to save up for birthdays, Christmas, diapers, or even for a Kindle.

Just a mom

This being my first blog post and all, I feel like I should make it a bit interesting. Problem with that is, I'm not terribly interesting. Oh sure, I have 2 kids, and they're full of stories since they're 2 years and 4 months old. I'm also a Navy wife, which come with a lot of its own stories.  And for me, God will always come first, my family second, and coupons third. That's basically the order of my life.  Somewhere in the list cleaning comes in, or at least I think it should...

So, now that you know a little bit about me, except my name, you probably want to know that...I'm Lyla by the's hoping you'll stick around. I'll probably post a lot of deals here, and little ways to make money around the interwebz (yes, it really can be done without pyramid schemes!), and maybe even toss in a little story of my life on occasion.  In the words of my two year old, "Les do it!" and "I cant wait!"